CA/CWA/CS :: How Tough are they?

01. Are these courses tough? How many hours do I need to study?

What's not tough?

Everything one has to accomplish by efforts has its own level of difficulty involved. Toughness is something which should be measured taking the individual and the task to be accomplished into consideration.

In relation to these courses, whether they are tough or not is dependent on your academic skills, intelligence, command on language, math skills etc. You can come to a conclusion regarding the toughness on your own by going through the relevant aspects.

What everyone should note is that the possibility of qualifying in these examinations requires you to have a systematic approach.


How many hours!!!

The number of hours one has to study to complete this course is also not a static figure. Rather it would be inappropriate to think in those terms. What is needed is a systematic study.

Know what you have to do to get through i.e. the total content to be studied. Break down the task into small parts thereby deriving a daily task schedule. Ensure that the schedule is never missed. Make up whenever you trip on a days schedule.

This is what is needed to ensure success at these examinations. You should be punctual with your studies. Your primary avocation should be studies.

Author Credit : Team Future Accountant

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