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02. Pursuing these courses along with graduation » Compulsory!! Is it an advantage/disadvantage?

Not Compulsory

It is not a compulsion that you have to study graduation under the formal stream to pursue these courses.

But you have to!!!

It is practically not advisable to skip the formal graduation stream while pursuing these courses. Since these courses seem tough and failure is most common, what would the students position be if he/she is not able to get through the course after a few years. What would the student have to say about his/her qualification at that time? Intermediate (10+2)!!!!.

Even those who are pursuing these courses after graduation, continuing the formal stream would enable you to acquire the post graduate, m.phil degrees simultaneously which would do you no harm.

Please don't take any chances. Moreover, if a student wishes to move abroad in the future, he/she may be required to be educated in the formal stream for a period of 15/16 years (10+2+3/10+2+4). You don't lose anything by continuing your formal education stream.

You don't even need to attend a regular college for this. There are a number of avenues for this (correspondence courses, university private study, evening colleges, colleges where attendance is ignored..). Attending a regular college for his/her Graduation may be optional if the student is doing B.Com (which would be the case in majority of the cases) and a compulsion if the student is doing any other course (B.Sc, B.A, B.E, M.B.B.S..)

Start with Graduation or After Graduation??

Starting the courses along with formal graduation is always an advantage.

There is no specific advantage of starting doing these courses after graduation except for the fact that you are not required to go through the foundation course. Moreover since you would be of a higher age and would have studied the same subjects for the graduation examination (if you have gone through the commerce stream in your graduation), it may be making your study process a bit easier.

Except for this starting after graduation is in no other way advantageous.


It would be prudent for you to try these courses from your graduation stage, since you can take a clear decision regarding these courses by the time you complete graduation and try building your career in other routes (say by doing MBA/MCA) if at all you feel these courses to be tough.

Similarity in Subjects

If you are taking up B.Com at the graduation level, you would be studying the subjects that are present in the professional accounting courses. The only difference being the depth in the subjects you study and the examination orientation. It would be like writing an easy exam while preparing for a tough exam.

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