CA/ICWA/CS :: Which Course to do?

05. Which Course is better? Which Course to do?

Depends .. !!

There is no such thing called the best course universally applicable to all. A lot depends on the outlook, aptitude and the candidate's objective in doing the course.

All the three courses have similarities with regard to the course syllabus. A person doing a particular course studies more or less the same subjects as the person doing any other course.
The only difference being the depth of the subjects studied and the examination orientation. Chartered accountancy course has in depth study relating to financial accounting, auditing, tax aspects. Cost accounting course has in depth study relating to cost and management accounting. Company secretaryship has in depth study relating to company law.

Which course you take up is dependent on what you are interested in and what you wish to specialise in. Depending on your ability, aptitude, career outlook, you need to choose the relevant course.

Those who look at an independent career like practicing professional accounting, chartered accountancy would be better suited as the opportunities for practicing are more in that profession. This does not mean that there is no scope for private practice for cost accountants and company secretaries. They too have the option to carry on as practicing professionals. But the avenues available for them are far lesser compared to CA. CA, CWA/ICWA and CS in that order are to be considered if you target this.

Those who look at working in a manufacturing or producing environment may look at cost accountancy as it provides an ample opportunity to think in terms of controlling costs using accounting techniques. Even chartered accountants and company secretaries study cost and management accountancy. But the objective of the course is specialisation in CWA/ICWA and having knowledge in CA and CS.

Those who look at working in an administrative environment dealing with legal aspects may look at company secretaryship as it involves in depth aspects relating to company law and its application to companies.
Even cost accountants and chartered accountants study corporate laws. But, they do not study it in as much detail and depth as a company secretary does.

You decide

Ultimately what ones interests are and what he/she prefers doing are to be decided by the candidate itself. Any one else would only be able to provide data to enable the candidate to take decisions.

Wish to do all the three courses

Best of Luck. But, don't be in a hurry. From our practical experience, we advise the student to take up CA along with CWA or CS and then after completing them taking up the third course.. This is only our view. A candidate may do only one course, any two courses or all the three courses together or one course after the other in any order.

Author Credit : Team Future Accountant

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