CA_CPT Common Proficiency Test : Course Registration

Minimum Age Required  
There is no stipulation as to to the minimum age required for registering for the course.

Minimum Educational Qualifications  
  • For Registering for CPT

    A pass at the 10th Standard Examination or any other examination as recognized by the central government as equivalent thereto.
  • For Appearing at CPT

    A pass (or appearance) at the the 10 + 2 examination or any other examination as recognized by the central government as equivalent thereto.

Though a student is allowed to register for the CPT course after his/her 10th Standard, only those students who have appeared in their 10 + 2 examinations are eligible to appear at the CPT examinations.

Early registration is allowed to enable the student to prepare for the CPT along with his/her 10+2 course.

Group at 10 + 2 » MPC/BiPC/MEC/...!!

There is no stipulation as to the group that a student should pursue at the 10 + 2 level for taking up this course. As such, a student of any group at the 10 + 2 level can take up the course.

Minimum Marks % at 10 + 2

There is no stipulation as to the % of marks that a student should obtain (either at the 10th level or the 10 + 2 level) to be eligible for taking up this course. registering.

Passing CPT » Failing 10 + 2  

Should Pass 10 + 2

A student can appear at the CPT examination immediately after his/her 10 + 2 exams and has to pass in both the CPT as well as the 10 + 2 exams to be eligible for registering for the next level of the CA course i.e. PCC.

If a student has qualified at the CPT examination but has failed the 10 + 2 examination, he/she need not appear at the CPT again. The student can subsequently register for PCC after passing the 10 + 2 examination.

Certificates to be Furnished  
Photocopies of the following certificates duly attested should be sent along with the application for registration (Original Certificates need not be furnished):
  • Marks sheet of 10th standard Examination or any other examination as recognized by the central government as equivalent thereto as a proof of minimum educational qualification.

Registration » Last/Cut-off Dates  
Registration for these courses can be done all throughout the year. There is no such thing as a last date for registration. A student can appear for an examination that would fall immediately after the minimum course duration (2 months from the date of registration) has elapsed.

Therefore, the following dates would be the cut off dates for registration to make you eligible for appearing at the noted examination. You have to Register before the cut off date to be eligible for the relevant examination. Example in [ ]

For being eligible to appear at the

  • June Examination

      – Register on or before » Same year April 1st
          [Register on or before Apr 1st 2008 » To attempt June 2008 Exam]

  • December Examination

      – Register on or before » Same year October 1st
          [Register on or before October 1st 2008 » To attempt December 2008 Exam]

Registration » Validity Period  
The registration does not expire. It needs to be done only once.

A student once registered, can appear at the CPT examinations by paying the examination fee as many times as needed.

Is Registration in time enough?  
Registering before the cut off date is the only requirement to enable a student to appear at the first examination for which he/she is eligible. Along with this the student is also required to apply for the examintion for which he/she is eligible. For any subsequent examination, making an examination application within time is the only requirement.

Provisional Registration  
  • Meaning »
    Under terms not final or fully worked out or agreed upon.
  • Synonyms »
    Temporary, Interim, Conditional, Makeshift, Short-term, Impermanent
There is no provision for registering for the CPT level provisionally. Students cannot register for the course using the 10th standard examination hall ticket. They have to provide a copy of their 10th standard marks sheet or pass certificate.

Application/Prospectus » Where to Obtain/Submit  
Registration for the course requires the student to apply in the prescribed form enclosing the details relating to the educational qualifications, age etc., as well as the prescribed fee as mentioned in the application.

Regional Councils

The ICAI is divided into five regions (north, sourth, east, west, central) for the purpose of administrative convenience. All the aspects relating to the student except conduct of main examinations are monitored and tracked by the regional councils.

So for any detail regarding the student one should contact the regional council relevant to him/her. The regional council relevant to a student is the one that related to the location of the student.

Once a student is registered with a regional council, he/she has to contact that regional council under whom he/she is registered originally for any aspect.

Where to Obtain

If you are registering for:
  • Postal Coaching

    You can obtain the prospectus [Registration Application] at the institutes offices, either the Head Office, the Regional Council or the Branches
  • Oral Coaching

    If registering for oral coaching imparted by any of the centers authorised by the institute, you can obtain the prospectus [Registration Application]
    1. at the coaching center itself.

      The authorised coaching center may have an additional application to be submitted along with the application for registration [which would be relevant to that center only]

    2. at the institutes offices, either the Head Office, the Regional Council or the Branches

    You may download the form from the institutes web site here

Where to Submit

If you are intending to register for:
  • Postal Coaching

    You can submit the Registration Application at the Regional office relevant to the area which you give as the address for communication (generally your place of residence).
  • Oral Coaching

    You can submit the Registration Application at the coaching center where he/she is getting admitted

    Even if a student submits his/her application for registration at an office/chapter of the institute near his town/city/village (if they accept it as a service for students), it would ultimately be sent to the relevant regional office/council where the data relating to the student is maintained.

Application/Prospectus » Cost  
The prospectus of the institute contains application for registration along with it. The cost of Application or Prospectus for Registering for the CPT Course:
  • By Hand — Rs. 100
  • By Post — Rs. 125

Registration Fee  
The total fee payable to the institute includes fee for registration as well as for imparting coaching (generally POSTAL Coaching). Whenever we say registration fee, we mean the total fee that is to be paid to the Institute at the time of registration, by whatever name it is called and into how many ever parts it is divided.

The fee that is given here includes all that should be paid to the institute for being registered as a student at this level.

  • Postal Coaching : Rs. 1,500/-
  • Oral Coaching :
    The Oral coaching fee is decided by the coaching center and may vary from coaching center to coaching center.


We try to maintain the up to date information. This information is given to enable you to have an idea of the cost that you may have to incur for doing the course. Since the fee is subject to revision frequently, it is in the interest of the student that the actual figures may be verified before paying the fee or taking the D.D. or drawing any other instrument towards payment of fee, from the application or the source from which the application is being acquired.

No Installment Facility

There is no provision for payment of the registration fee for CPT course by installments.

Joining an Oral Coaching Center!!!

The Oral coaching center conducting coaching, may provide such a facility, which should be verified from the coaching center into which the student wishes to get admitted.

Refund of Registration Fee  
Refund of fee paid is not possible under any other circumstances.

Once an application for registration is sent, no cancellation is possible. However if the applicant does not meet the minimum requirements for being registered for the course, the institutes would reject the application. Only in such cases you would receive the instrument (D.D/Challan) you have used to pay the fee back. You can cancel the instrument and get the money on it back.


Subsequent Change of Place of Residence  
Data relating to the student with regard to academics is maintained at the regional offices. Therefore, once a student registers himself as a student for a particular level, he/she has to stick to the same and correspond with the same for all purposes, either academic or otherwise.

Only the aspects relating to examinations are centralised i.e. processing examination applications, evaluation, verification of answer papers, issue of marks sheets, hall tickets, .. etc.

  • Shift to a place within the regional council

    Where the student changes his/her place of living in such a way that he/she has shifted to a place which falls within the purview of the same regional council with which he/she has registered earlier, then there is nothing to worry.
  • Shift to a place outside the regional council

    Even if a student moves from a place under a regional council to a place under a different regional council, he/she is needed to deal with the same regional council under which he/she has earlier registered.

Intimate the Change in address

The student needs to get his/her address changed in the records of the institute so that he/she would be receiving the student news letter and other communications from the institute properly. These students are also advised to intimate the post master of the earlier place of the change of address, so that any mail received at the earlier place would be redirected by the post master automatically.
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