CA - IPCC IPCE : Provisional Registration

What is it? Who can Register?



Under terms not final or fully worked out or agreed upon.


Temporary, Interim, Conditional, Makeshift, Short-term, Impermanent

Provisional Registration not available

A student can register for the CA IPCC ( Integrated Professional Competence Course) course after passing the CPT level and 12th standard examination or its equivalent. He/she would be eligible to register for the course only after appearing at the 10+2 (intermediate/senior-secondary) examination. Thus, there would be ample time available to aspirants to get registered for the course.

As such the facility of provisional registration for CA IPCC is not provided.

Supplementary/Advanced-Supplementary Candidates

Supplementary Candidates

Supplementary Candidates are those candidates who are qualifying in the qualifying examinations during the September/October supplementary examinations.

Advanced Supplementary Candidates

The normal examination pattern includes the conduction of final examination during the months of March/April/May and supplementary examinations during the months of September/October/November.

Some universities and boards are conducting the supplementary examinations within a short time gap after the results of the main examinations are announced. This generally would fall somewhere in the month of May/June/July

Both supplementary and advanced supplementary candidates are treated on par with the regular candidates. A student appearing at the qualifying exam for the first time in his/her career and the one appearing after a prior failed attempt would have the same standing.