CWA ICWA Intermediate : Renewing/Revalidating/Denovo Registration

ICWAICWA ICWA (2008)InterCourse Registration • Renewing/Revalidating/Denovo Registration
The students registration for the Intermediate is valid for a period of five years. On the expiry of the five year period, it automatically gets cancelled.

Renewing the registration where it has expired is done through a process called “de novo registration”.

de novo [Latin] » From the beginning

A student whose registration is canceled on the expiry of the 5 year period has to apply for denovo registration.

Fees » The fee at present is Rs. 2,000.

Any arrears of the postal tuition fee during the original registration period should also be paid along with this.

Exemptions earned in earlier examinations

The paperwise exemption fee is for those papers in which the student has already passed or has claimed exemption on account of getting high marks in earlier examinations or has claimed exemption on account of having other academic qualifications and which the student wishes to carry through the renewed registration period also.

Application for Denovo/Re-Registration

The student has to apply in the prescribed form available with the institutes office.

It can be downloaded in PDF Format or Word Document Format from the institutes web site.

Study Material

A student registering denovo shall not be supplied with the study material afresh.

Validity Period of Denovo Registration

The Registration De-Novo will be valid for a period of five years from the month in which the student has been registered De-Novo.

De-Novo Registration for a second time

Normally the benefit of "DE NOVO" Registration may be availed of only once. In case of those who have already availed the benefit of "DE NOVO" Registration once, granting of "DE NOVO" Registration again shall be at the discretion of the Director of Studies

Registration Afresh

Where the registration has been cancelled on account of the student not attempting at least one stage examination during the first of 3 years of registration he/she has to apply for "Registration Afresh".

On the students registration afresh being accepted his/her registration shall be deemed for all purposes to have been reinstated after cancellation. He/she shall be entitled to exemption from the individual subjects of the Intermediate or Final Examination, both for Coaching and Examination as the case may be, previously secured by him under his former registration.

A fresh registration subsequent to cancellation of original registration under rule 2.5(b) shall not absolve from the liability of Rule 2.5(a).

This implies that the registration in the second case is reinstated and would expire within the 7 year period, wherein the student has to register "De-Novo". [Say, if the registration was renewed by "Registering Afresh" immediately after it is cancelled after the 3 year period, it would be valid for another 2 years only, unlike in case of Registration Denovo when it would be valid for another 5 years.]


The application procedure, fees etc., for both "De-Novo Registration" and "Registration Afresh" is the same.

How to Apply

The student has to apply in Form 'I' available with the institutes offices or at online.


A Re-Registration Fee of Rs.2000 is to be sent along with the application.

Where to send

The application has to be sent directly to the Head office at Kolkata and not the regional offices.

The registration of the student would be renewed and relevant communication with the renewed registration number would be sent to the student.

The CC issued earlier and the subjects passed/exemptions availed in the earlier examinations would stand as they were earlier.