Claiming and Foregoing Exemptions

05. Claiming and Foregoing Exemptions


  • Exemptions on account of possessing other qualifications
    At the time of registration the student has to make specific mention of the same and claim exemption. The requisite fee for the same should also be paid in addition to the regular registration fee.

    • CA Final:

      There are no exemptions based on other qualifications in this course.
    • CWA Final:

      If a student is eligible for exemption, he should make a specific mention of the same at the time of making the application for examination.
      The student should pay an amount of Rs.100 per subject exempted to claim exemption.
    • CS Final:

      A candidate who is eligible for exemption by the virtue of processing the relevant qualifications should pay an exemption fee of Rs.80 per paper in which exemption is being claimed and make an application on or before the last date for submission of enrolment application for the particular examination.
      Attested copy of the relevant qualification should also be attached with the application for claiming exemption.
    • There is no reduction in the examination fee for the papers in which the student has been exempted.

  • Exemptions on getting high marks
    To claim exemption on account of scoring high marks, a student has to mention the same in the application for examination at the time of making the application for the subsequent exams.

    Since there is no reduction in fee for exempted subjects either on account of having other qualifications or on account of having scored high marks in prior examinations, care should be taken to ensure that the relevant columns are properly filled in the examination application.


A student if he so desires can forego the exemption he has in a subject by mentioning the same in the application for examination, , i.e. by ignoring the column where the details relevant to claiming exemptions are to be filled.

The benefit once foregone cannot be availed in the subsequent attempts.


For CA course, foregoing an exemption obtained on having scored high marks would make the student ineligible to claim exemptions in any further examinations even though he may qualify for the same based on the marks obtained.


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