Direct Taxes

CA Final : Group II :: Paper 7: [One paper: Three hours - 100 marks]

Level of Knowledge : Expert knowledge.

Objectives . . .

  1. To gain expert knowledge of the provisions of direct tax laws.

  2. To acquire the ability to apply the knowledge of the provisions of laws to various situations in actual practice.

Contents . . .

  1. The Income Tax Act, 1961

  2. The Wealth Tax Act, 1957


While covering the direct tax laws, students should familiarise themselves with considerations relevant to tax management. These may include tax considerations with regard to specific management decisions, foreign collaboration agreements, international taxation, amalgamations, tax incentives, personnel compensation plans, accounting and other precautions to be observed to maximise tax relief.

Recommended Books

  • Taxmann Publications

    1. Direct Taxes Law and Practice
      • V.K. Singhania
  • Snowwhite Publications (P) Ltd.

    1. DirectTax Laws
      • T.N. Manoharan
  • Bharat Law House Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

    1. Professional Approach to Direct Taxes
      • Girish Ahuja & Ravi Gupta

Reference Books

  • ???

    1. Bare Acts (Income-tax Act, 1961 and Wealth Tax Act, 1957)
  • Wadhwa & Co Nagpur

    1. Income-tax Law
      • K. Chathurvedi and SM. Pithisaria

Other Relevant Books

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