Main/Final Examination : Qualifying Marks

02. Main/Final Examination : Qualifying Marks
For all the three courses, you are required to get a minimum of 40 marks in each paper (not subject) and an aggregate of 50% in all the papers together to qualify in the examination.

You are not qualified if you do not get 40% in any one of the papers or if you do not get the 50% aggregate (total of 200 in case of CA/CWA/ICWA and 250 in case of CS)

Example situations to enable understanding


A40404040160FailPassed in all. Aggregate < 50%
B54404342179FailPassed in all. Aggregate < 50%
C65355680236FailFailed in one. Aggregate < 50%
D40404080200PassPassed in all. Aggregate ≥ 50%
E45566055216PassPassed in all. Aggregate ≥ 50%

For CS

A4040404040200FailPassed in all. Aggregate < 50%
B5440434242221FailPassed in all. Aggregate < 50%
C6035565570276FailFailed in one. Aggregate < 50%
D4040404090200PassPassed in all. Aggregate ≥ 50%
E4556605565281PassPassed in all. Aggregate ≥ 50%

Papers with two or more subjects involved

Where a paper contains two or more parts (each part may be a separate subject or otherwise) with the total marks of 100 divided between the parts a candidate is required to get the minimum marks in all the parts together. There is no need for the student to maintain a minimum pass mark in each part separately.


Paper 2:
Business Mathematics and Statistics [100 marks]
  • Section A: Mathematics (50 Marks)
  • Section B: Statistics (50 Marks)
The student is required to get the minimum of 40 marks in the two sections together. There is no minimum for each section.

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