Tax Laws

CS_Group-I : Paper 3 : [One paper: Three hours - 100 marks]

Level of Knowledge : Working knowledge.


  1. To impart knowledge of the basic principles underlying the substantive provisions of direct and indirect tax laws to the students.
  2. To equip students with application of principles and provisions of direct tax laws in computation of income and taxation of a ‘person’ excluding companies under various heads of income and their assessment procedures.

Detailed Contents . . .

Part A: Direct Tax Laws [60 Marks]

The Income-Tax Act.

  1. Definitions, concept of income, previous year, assessment year, residential status.
  2. Distinction between capital and revenue receipts and expenditure.
  3. Basis of charge and scope of total income
  4. Income deemed to accrue or arise in India and deemed to be received in India
  5. Income exempt from tax.
  6. Computation of total income under various heads, such as - salaries, income from house property, profit and gains of business or profession, capital gains, income from other sources.
  7. Income of other persons included in assessee’s total income; aggregation of income and set off or carry forward of losses; various deductions to be made in computing total income, rebates and reliefs in respect of income-tax; rates of applicable taxes and tax liability.
  8. Taxation of every person excluding companies, viz., individuals including nonresidents, Hindu Undivided Family, firms, association of persons, cooperative societies, trusts and charitable and religious institutions, etc.
  9. Income-tax authorities - their appointment, jurisdiction and powers.
  10. Special provisions relating to certain incomes of non-residents.
  11. Provisions concerning procedure for assessment/reassessment.
  12. Provisions relating to collection and recovery of tax.
  13. Refund of tax.
  14. Appeals and revision provisions.
  15. Penalties imposable, offences and prosecution.

Wealth-tax Act

  1. Charge of wealth tax; assets, deemed assets and assets exempt from tax; valuation of assets; computation of net wealth, return of wealth and provisions concerning assessment; liability to assessment in special cases; appeals, revisions and references; payment and recovery of wealth tax; refunds; other miscellaneous provisions.
  2. Gift-tax Act as and when applicable.

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Other Relevant Books

Part B: Indirect Tax Laws [40 Marks]

Central Excise Laws

The Legislative background of the Central Excise including constitutional provisions; nature of excise duty; central excise duty - chargeability - scope and basis of the levy - meaning of goods, manufacture and manufacturer; classification and valuation of goods; duty payment and exemption provisions; provisions and procedure dealing with registration and clearance of goods; an overview of set off of duty scheme.

Customs Laws

Historical perspective and legislative background of the levy; appointment of Customs Officers, ports, warehouses etc., nature of and restrictions on imports and exports; levy, exemption and collection of customs duties - an overview of law and procedure; clearance of goods from the port, including baggage, goods imported or exported by post; stores and goods in transit; duty drawback provisions.

Central Sales Tax Laws

Evolution and scope of levy of Central Sales tax; Inter-State sale, sale outside a State and sale in the course of im-port and export - basic principles; registration of dealers and determination of taxable turnover.


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Combined Books


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    1. Chartered Secretary
    2. Student Company Secretary
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Other Relevant Books

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