CA - CPT : Coaching Oral and Postal

ICAICA (2006)CPT : Common Proficiency Test • Coaching Oral and Postal

What is Compulsory Postal Coaching?

Every student taking up CA CPT (chartered accountancy - common proficiency test) course, should undergo compulsory postal coaching with the institution.

Getting registered for the course amounts to getting enrolled for the compulsory postal coaching. Thus, every registered student is said to be undergoing the compulsory postal coaching.

Taking up postal coaching is like joining any correspondence course. A student has to prepare for the examinations on his own with the help of the comprehensive study package including large question bank and a CD provided by the institute.

No teaching classes would be conducted for postal coaching students.

Optional Oral Coaching

Postal coaching is compulsory for all the students. Students in need of class room coaching, can take up the oral coaching classes at any of the oral Coaching centers recognised by the institutes for this purpose.

Taking oral coaching is like joining a recognized institution and going to college for classes.

Oral coaching classes are conducted by

  • the institute at its offices (Head Office/Regional Office/Branches).
  • colleges and private coaching centers accredited by the Institute for this purpose at their premises.

Oral coaching involves conduct of teaching classes.

Medium of instruction/End examination

Oral coaching - medium of instruction

At most of the oral coaching centers, Oral coaching classes are conducted in English medium. The institute as well as other coaching centers especially in hindi speaking regions may conduct coaching in hindi medium based on the requirements of the students.

Please enquire with the respective coaching centers, for availability of coaching classes in hindi medium.

Postal coaching

Postal coaching is available only in English medium.

However Hindi translation of material can be obtained from the board of studies of the institute. Enquire with the respective regional councils for the same.

Students should take the precaution of specifically mentioning his choice of medium (for obtaining the study material) at the time of registration.

Examinations at the End of the Course

The main examinations for the CA CPT (chartered accountancy common proficiency test) can be written either in ENGLISH or in HINDI.

Proper mention of the same should be made in the examination application failing which the student would be required to answer in English medium.

Oral/Postal Coaching :: Course Material

Course Material for Postal Coaching

Students registering for postal coaching will receive a set of study notes/material for the subjects involved in the course. The material is of self study type covering all the aspects of the subjects.

Course Material for Oral Coaching

Since all students registering for the course are automatically enrolled for the postal coaching, all students taking up postal coaching would receive the postal coaching material.

The center/institution conducting the oral coaching classes may provide additional material to be used for imparting training in the prescribed syllabus.

Material in Hindi

Study material for students registering for postal coaching is available in ENGLISH and HINDI media.

Mention the Choice at the time of Registration

A student at the time of registration has to indicate the preference of the medium in which he would wish to receive the material. If no specific mention is made, the material in ENGLISH would be sent.

Taking up both Oral and Postal Coaching at the same time

Taking up the postal coaching is compulsory and oral coaching is optional.

Students undergoing postal coaching may feel the need for taking up oral coaching for getting the benefit of class room teaching. This can be done by enrolling as a student at the respective oral coaching center by paying the requisite coaching fee.

There is no restriction whatsoever in joining the oral coaching classes.

Postal Coaching - Registration - When? Where?

Postal coaching is conducted by the institute and is monitored by the respective regional councils of the Institute. No other institution/organisation is authorised in this regard. All the aspects relating to the postal coaching are handled by the regional council within whose purview, the address of communication of the student comes.

How and when to take up?

There is no separate registration for postal coaching. Registering for the course amounts to taking up postal coaching.

Oral Coaching : Registration Class Timings, Attendance

Oral coaching classes are conducted by the institute at its head office/regional offices/branches/chapters. In addition the institutes accredit private colleges and coaching centers for imparting oral coaching. A student who intends to take up oral coaching may join any one of such centers/institutions.


Registering for CA CPT amounts to enrolling/registering for postal coaching. Registration for oral coaching has to be done separately.

Students to enrol for oral coaching classes at the oral coaching center where the student intends to join for coaching.

Schedule and Class Timings

Timings of the classes may vary from one center to another. Some conduct them during normal day time, some others during morning/evening sessions only. The timings are specific to each center and have to be known from the respective centers.

Classes in the various subjects of the course are conducted as per the pre determined schedule which will be provided to students taking up the classes.

Who can Attend?

Oral Coaching is meant for students registering for the CA CPT courses. Only registered students are eligible to take up this coaching (except in a case where a student attends the classes out of academic interest in the subject being taught). One can attend the oral coaching classes only at the center where he/she has got enrolled for the oral classes.

There are no additional qualifications/conditions required to be satisfied by the student for taking up oral coaching apart from being a registered student and paying the requisite oral coaching fee.

Attendance Requirements

Since issue of any kind of eligibility certificate is not involved in the coaching process, there is no minimum attendance required to be put up by the students.

However, the institution conducting oral coaching classes may impose restrictions relating to continuous attendance to classes. A student may be made ineligible to attend subsequent classes if he/she fails to attend classes for a certain number of days. Such information if any, can be obtained from the respective oral coaching centers.

When to get Registered?

The schedule for conduct of oral coaching classes varies from center to center. One should approach the center in consideration for specific dates.