CA - CPT : Examinations

When are the main/final examinations conducted?

Paper Pencil Mode

In the CA CPT main examinations in Paper Pencil mode, the candidates are provided with an OCMR sheet along with the question paper wherein the answers have to be marked. These exams are conducted twice every year generally on the first sunday of the months of June and December.
  • June Examination

    June 6th, 2010; June 5th, 2011; June 3rd, 2012.

  • December Examination

    December 5th, 2010; December 4th, 2011; December 2nd, 2012

The dates do not change except under extraordinary circumstances.

Online Examination Mode

In the CA CPT main examinations in Online Examination mode, candidates are required to fill in the answers to the question paper on a computer. These examinations are held once a month in the 4 months preceding the month in which the Paper Pencil Examination is conducted.

Online Mode is optional

A candidate can attempt the CPT examination in this mode, apart from the Paper Pencil mode.

The schedule for the 4 examinations prior to December 2009 exam,

  • August

    August 22nd 2009; August 23rd 2009

  • September

    September 26th 2009; September 27th 2009

  • October

    October 24th 2009; October 25th 2009

  • November

    November 21st 2009; November 22nd 2009

When can a student appear for his/her first examination?

A student would be able to appear at the first examination falling 2 months after the date of registration.

Students registering

  • On or before April 1st can appear in the June Examination the same Year

    Register BeforeTo be eligible for
    1st April 2010 June 2010 exam
    1st April 2011 June 2011 exam
  • On or before October 1st can appear in the December Examination the same Year

    Register BeforeTo be eligible for
    1st October 2010 December 2010 exam
    1st October 2011 December 2011 exam

Medium for writing the examinations

Examinations can be written either in ENGLISH or HINDI medium.

Online examinations can be written only in ENGLISH

A student has to mention the preference of medium at the time of making the application for examination. In the absence of clear indication of preference, English will be taken as the preferred medium.

The option to answer papers in HINDI should be exercised in total. Paper wise option is not available.

The papers of a candidate who has not opted to write his answer papers in Hindi and answers them in Hindi, would not be valued.

Maximum attempts allowed. Failing to get through within those

There is no restriction on the number of attempts a student can make at the CA CPT examination.

Examination Application - Where to Obtain/Submit?

Where to Obtain?

The examination applications are sold at the institutes head quarters, regional offices, branches, chapters etc.


Check for the CA CPT examination application from the forms download page of the ICAI web site.

Submit to Institutes Offices

After filling up the all the details, students can submit their application forms along with the requisite fees to the institute's head quarters, regional offices, branches, chapters etc.

Online Submission !!

In case of non-avilability of application forms at respective offices, students can submit their application online here

Submit by Post

Alternatively students may take a demand draft for the prescribed amount in favour of Secretary, ICAI payable at New Delhi and submit a letter on white paper indicating their name, address, mobile number, registration number and specify the exam and group in which they intend to appear duly verified by his Principal or any other Chartered Accountant. The students has to submit all these by speed post/registered post to Shri G. Somasekhar, Additional Secretary (Exam), The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, ICAI BHAWAN, I P Marg, New Delhi – 110002 before the cut off dates.

Examination Application Cost and Fee, Last Dates, Late Fees

Cost of examination application Form

For an examination center within India - Rs. 100.

For overseas examination center - $10.

Examination Fee (including application form)

For an examination center within India - Rs. 600.

For Kathmandu centre - Rs.950

For other overseas examination centers - $160.

Late Fee

Not Applicable

Last Date for submission

June Examination : 25th April

December Examination : 27th October

Change of Examination Center!

There is no provision for change of examination center for the examinations conducted by ICAI. Care should be taken in choosing the examination center.

Refund/Appropriation of the Examination fee

The examination fee would not be refunded under any circumstances.

Institute's lapse/fault

Where the reason for the examination fee having to be refunded is the student getting through the examination after verification of marks etc., the institutes are obliged to appropriate the fee already paid by the student to the subsequent examinations or to other dues payable by the student.

The respective offices of the institutes may be contacted for details regarding the same.

Travel Concessions - At the time of Examinations or otherwise