CS - Foundation Programme : English and Business Communication

ICSICS (2008)FPSyllabus and Books • English and Business Communication

CS_FP :: Foundation Programme
Paper 1 : English and Business Communication
[One paper: Three Hours – 100 marks]

Level of Knowledge :

Working knowledge.

Objective . . .

To help students acquire competence in English to use the language.

Detailed Contents . . .

Part A : English (50 Marks)

1.Essentials of Good English
Grammar and usage; enriching vocabulary, words - multiple meaning, single word for a group of words - choice of words - words frequently mis-spelt; punctuations, prefix and suffix; parts of speech; articles; synonyms and antonyms; tenses; idioms and phrases; foreign words and phrases commonly used; abbreviations and numerals; pronunciation. Latin, French and Roman words which are used in abbreviated form like “e.g., RSVP, viz. etc.”.
2.Essay Writing
Essays on matters of current interest on trade, commerce, industry and profession.
3.Precis Writing
Preparation of summary of office notes; summary of matters appearing in economic and commercial dailies and journals for use in committee meetings in the office; summary of decisions taken in meetings and conferences.

Part B : Business Communication (50 Marks)

4.Business Communication
Meaning and significance of good communication; principles of business communication; means of communication - oral, written, visual, audiovisual; essentials of a good business letter, etc.
5.Business Correspondence
Personnel : drafting of interview letters, call letters and offer of appointment; provisional appointment orders; final orders of appointment.
Purchase : requests for quotations, tenders, samples and drawings; test order; complaints and follow-up.
Sales : drafting of sales letters, circular letters, preparation of sale notes with conditions of sale; status inquiries; reports to sales manager such as sales promotion matters.
Accounts : correspondence with various agencies : customers - regarding dues, follow up letters; banks - regarding over-drafts, cash credits and account current, insurance companies - regarding payment, renewal of insurance premium, claims and their settlement.
Secretarial : correspondence with shareholders and debenture-holders pertaining to dividend and interest, transfer and transmission, Stock Exchanges, Registrar of Companies and various authorities like Reserve Bank of India, SEBI.
Miscellaneous : Resume, letter of application, goodwill messages, condolence letters.
6.Administration and Miscellaneous
Drafting of telegraphic and facsimile messages, messages through electronic media; public notices and invitations; representations to Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce and public authorities.
7.Inter-departmental Communication
Internal memos; office circulars; office orders; office notes; representation to chief executive and replies thereto; communication with regional/branch offices.
8.Preparation of Press Releases.


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Students should refer a good dictionary, grammar and thesaurus book.