CS - Foundation Programme : Examination Application - Where to Obtain/Submit?

ICSICS (2008)FPExaminations • Examination Application - Where to Obtain/Submit?

Where to Obtain

The examination applications are sold at the institutes head quarters, regional offices, branches, chapters etc. You can obtain the same from those places.

Examination Applications Download

The examination applications are not provided on the web sites of the respective institutions throughout the year.

Please check the respective web site [ICSI] during the time of the examinations.

Delayed Submission

The institutes provide for delayed submission of the examination application with a late fee for a certain number of days after the last date for submission of the application.

Where to Submit

Though the student activities are all administered by the Regional councils, all the aspects relating to the examinations are handled by the Head offices of the institutes.

You can submit the applications at any of the above locations where the applications are available. Even if you submit the examination applications at any of the institutes branches, chapters etc., they will be ultimately sent to the Head office of the institutes.

You can verify/note the location where the applications are destined by referring the address printed on the cover that you are given along with the application. An understanding on this would be helpful if at all you need to contact the institute regarding any problem in relation to the examination application.

Submitting Within Time

If submitting within time, the examination application can be submitted by hand at any of the offices of the institute especially the places from where the applications have been bought.

Delayed Submission with late fee

Care should be taken when you are required to send the application along with late fee. The application should be destined to the address on the cover of the examination application and not to the nearest branch or regional office of the institute.