CS - Foundation Programme : Last dates for Obtaining CC. Not received in time!!

ICSICS (2008)FPEligibility Tests - Coaching Completion Certificate • Last dates for Obtaining CC. Not received in time!!

The issue of CC is done throughout the year. There is no such date called the last date for obtaining CC. However, since the CC is to be obtained to be eligible to appear for the main/final examination, care should be taken to ensure its timely receipt (i.e. within such time so as to enable you to file the application for examination in time).

Not in Receipt of CC within time

A student should have submitted all the requisite papers within the last/cut off dates. In such a case if the student is not in receipt of the CC before the last date for submission of examination application, he/she may (can) submit the examination application (inspite of not being in receipt of the CC before the last date) mentioning the same along with the requisite examination fees.

It is in the students own interest that he/she pursues his/her case with the respective regional council (postal coaching students) or the center where he/she has undergone the oral coaching (oral coaching students) and obtains the CC and sends a photocopy of the same along with a letter explaining his case to the head office where the examination applications are dealt with.

This would amount to the student making a provisional application on the anticipation that his/her CC would be ultimately received. If the student fails to submit his/her CC within sufficient time subsequently, he/she may not be issued the hall ticket for the examination.

Submit Papers as Early as Possible

Failure to obtain the CC may be on account of the reason that the student has not qualified (i.e. got the minimum required marks) in one or more papers that had already been submitted.

To avoid being in such situations, a student is advised to submit the eligibility test papers as early as possible.