CS - Foundation Programme : Postal Coaching - Registration - When? Where?

ICSICS (2008)FPCoaching - Oral - Postal • Postal Coaching - Registration - When? Where?
Postal coaching is conducted by the institute and is monitored by the respective regional councils of the Institute. No other institution/organisation is authorised in this regard. All the aspects relating to the postal coaching are handled by the regional council within whose purview, the place of residence of the student comes.

How and when to take up?

For those taking up the postal coaching route, both the processes of getting registered for the course and for the postal coaching are done together at the same time using the same application. They form a single process.

Only students registering for the course are eligible to take up this coaching. Therefore there are no additional qualifications/conditions (apart from those for registration) for taking up this coaching.

Registration for postal coaching can be done at any time during the year.

Where to get Registered?

For those taking up the postal coaching route, registration has to be done with the regional council of the respective institution.

Application for registration (which includes registration application as well as application for coaching) is to be submitted to the regional council. The application has to be sent directly to the regional council. Care should be taken to ensure that the application is sent to the appropriate regional council.

Even if you submit the application at any of the institutes branches/chapters, it would ultimately be routed to the respective regional council.