CS - Foundation Programme : Registration Fee - How much, How/Where to pay, Installments

ICSICS (2008)FPCourse Registration • Registration Fee - How much, How/Where to pay, Installments
Registration fee is the total fee payable to the institute and it includes fee for registration as well as fee for imparting coaching (generally POSTAL Coaching) to be paid at the time of registration, by whatever name it may be called and into how many ever parts it may be divided into.
  • Postal Coaching: Rs. 3,600

    The breakup of the fee is as follows:

    1. Admission Fee — 1,200
    2. Postal Tuition Fee — 2,400
  • Oral Coaching: Rs. 3,500/-

    The Oral coaching fee is decided by the coaching center. The coaching center retains a part of the fee and only a part of it is sent to the institue as per the understanding it has with the institute. The fee charged by the orgal coaching center includes the registration fee as well as the oral coaching fee for the course.

    The fee may vary from one coaching center to another.

Installment Facility

There is no provision for payment of CS FP registration fee in installments.

  • Joining an oral coaching center !!

    The coaching center imparting coaching, may provide installment facilities at its own discretion.

    Please verify this from the coaching center you wish to get admitted to.

Where to pay

The registration fee may be paid in the form of a D.D. or a challan as per the details provided in the registration application/prospectus and be submitted along with the application for registration.

  • Registering through an oral coaching center

    If you are registering at/through any of the centers authorised to impart ORAL coaching for the course, then the fee may be paid at that coaching center where you are getting admitted, if they provide such a facility.