CS - Foundation Programme : Registration - Last/Cut-off dates

ICSICS (2008)FPCourse Registration • Registration - Last/Cut-off dates
Registration for CS FP Level can be done all throughout the year. There is no such thing as a last date for registration.

A student would be able to appear at the first examination falling 8 months after the date of registration. As such, the only requirement for a student to be eligible to appear at a specified examination is that this minimum course duration should have elapsed after registration.

Taking the minimum course duration into consideration, the following dates can be considered to be cut-off dates for registration for enabling a student to appear at the noted examination.

Students registering

  • On or before March 31st can appear in the December Examination the same Year

    Register BeforeTo be eligible for
    31st March 2011 December 2011 exam
    31st March 2012 December 2012 exam
  • On or before September 30th can appear in the June Examination in the next Year

    Register BeforeTo be eligible for
    30th September 2010 June 2011 exam
    30th September 2011 June 2012 exam