CS - Foundation Programme : Supplementary/Advanced-Supplementary Candidates

ICSICS (2008)FPProvisional Registration • Supplementary/Advanced-Supplementary Candidates

Supplementary Candidates

Supplementary Candidates are those candidates who are qualifying in the qualifying examinations during the september/october supplementary examinations.

They are treated on par with the regular candidates. A student appearing at the qualifying exam for the first time in his/her career and the one appearing after a prior failed attempt would have the same standing.

Candidates appearing for the supplementary examinations can also register provisionally at that time (i.e. after appearing for the supplementary examination or after getting the hall ticket for the supplementary examination as the case may be).

Advanced Supplementary Candidates

The normal examination pattern includes the conduction of final examination during the months of march/april/may and supplementary examinations during the months of September/October/November.

Some universities and boards are conducting the supplementary examinations within a short time gap after the results of the main examinations are announced. This generally would fall somewhere in the month of May/June/July.

Registering with the Advanced Supplementary Exam Hall Ticket

A candidates can get registered for the Executive Programme Level/Course based on the hall ticket for the advanced supplementary examinations.

Registered with main exam hall ticket - required to attend Advanced Supplementary Exam

Candidates who have registered provisionally for the courses based on the hall ticket issued to them for the final examination in March/April/May need not register again, if they have failed at that examination and are appearing at the advanced supplementary examination.

If they pass the advanced supplementary examination, that would form the proof of passing the qualifying examination.

However of the results of the advanced supplementary examinations should be out within such time that would enable a candidate to submit the proof of passing the qualifying examination within the maximum time limit allowed for such submission.