CS - Foundation Programme : Taking a Re-Examination on Failing. Exemptions

ICSICS (2008)FPResults/Exemptions • Taking a Re-Examination on Failing. Exemptions

Taking a Re-examination on Failing

A student failing in the examination on account of any reason shall have to re appear in all the papers of the course/examination at the subsequent exams.


Marks ≥ 60% Exemption from Appearing

A candidate who has appeared in all the subjects for which he has enrolled and has obtained 60% marks or above in any subject, but failed, shall be exempted from appearing in that paper in the subsequent examination.

The student shall be declared to have passed in the subsequent examination if he/she obtains a minimum of 40% marks in each remaining subject and 50% marks in the aggregate of the remaining subjects at one sitting within the next three following examinations.


A. Marks Obtained in an Attempt
I – 65, II – 40, III – 42, IV – 44 Total = 191.
⇒ Fail [Passed in all. Aggregate < 50%]
Paper I – Exempted [Appeared in all and scored ≥ 60% in I]

In the subsequent examinations the student needs to appear only in papers II, III, and IV and get a minimum of 40% in each and an aggregate of 50% (total of 150) in all these papers together.

This facility would be available for the next three examinations.


A photocopy of the marks - sheet for availing paper wise exemption on the basis of securing 60% marks in the earlier examinations of the Institute should be appended with the application for examination.