CS - Professional Programme : Coaching Oral Postal

ICSICS (2008)PP : Professional Programme • Coaching Oral Postal

Compulsory Oral/Postal Coaching

Every student taking up the Profession Programme Level, should undergo compulsory coaching with the institution. The coaching may be taken up at the discretion of the student in any one of the two modes, either ORAL or POSTAL.

Students will be eligible to appear at the main/final examination conducted by the institute only after they have successfully completed the coaching process.

Oral Coaching

Taking oral coaching is like joining a recognized institution and going to college for classes. The institute conduct coaching classes at it’s offices (Head Office/Regional Office/Branches/Chapters). The Institute also accredit colleges and private coaching centers for conducting oral coaching classes i.e. imparting oral coaching. A student may opt to join any one of these classes.

The coaching process involves conduction of teaching classes and examinations at the end of the coaching period. A student will be made eligible to appear at the main examinations only if he qualifies in the end examinations conducted by the oral coaching center that he/she joins.

You can compare it with joining a degree college for being eligible to appear at the university B.Com examination as a regular candidate. The end examinations can be understood as an equivalent of the pre-public that the colleges conduct. Getting through the pre-public (i.e. end exam) here is compulsory.

Postal Coaching

Taking postal coaching is like joining any correspondence course. A student has to prepare on his own. No teaching classes would be conducted.

The student is supplied with a set of study material in each subject. A set of question papers would also be supplied along with the study material. The total material is divided into parts and the question papers would be such that a student would be able to answer the first set after studying a part of the material. The answers to the question papers provided with the study material are to be periodically submitted within the prescribed time limits.

The submitted answer papers would be evaluated and returned to the students. A student has to qualify in the required number of papers to be eligible for appearing at the main examination.

This would amount to doing a correspondence course and attending the pre-public examination at home.

The time limits prescribed are for getting eligibility to appear for the main examination conducted during a specific term. If the papers are submitted beyond the time limit for a specific examination, the student would be eligible to appear at the subsequent examination.

Medium of Instruction and End Examination

ORAL Coaching

The Oral coaching classes are conducted in English medium in majority of the places or coaching centers. The institute as well as other coaching centers especially in the Hindi speaking regions may conduct the coaching in Hindi medium also or only Hindi medium based on the requirements of the students.

For availability of coaching classes in Hindi medium, please enquire with the respective coaching centers.

POSTAL Coaching

Postal coaching is available only in English medium. However Hindi translation of material can be obtained from the board of studies of the institute.

For availability of the Hindi material enquire with the respective regional councils.

The student should take precaution to ensure that he is specifically mentioning his choice of medium (for obtaining the study material) at the time of registration.

English only in English

Courses involving English language like drafting and communication etc., will be imparted only in English medium.

Examinations at the end of the course

The final examinations for the Professional Programme level Courses can be written in two media either ENGLISH or HINDI. The course is available in no other media.

Taking Oral and Postal Coaching at the Same Time

Taking up one of the modes of coaching is compulsory.

A student who is registered for oral or postal coaching should obtain the Eligibility Certificate (EC) | Coaching Completion Certificate (CC) through that mode only.

A student will be considered as a registered student for the purpose of issue of EC|CC only in one form of coaching. He cannot register in both forms at the same time for the purpose of issuance of certificate of successful completion of coaching.

However the student registered under one form may take up the other form of coaching for the purpose of academic convenience or benefit. If taking up oral coaching in addition to postal coaching or vice versa, it is obvious that the student has to bear the cost of both the forms of coaching.

Students already registered for Oral Coaching

Students undergoing oral coaching may feel the need for taking up postal coaching for obtaining the study material or getting the benefit of answering more papers which would be evaluated.

However, since students undergoing oral coaching can also purchase the study material additionally (if they are not provided a set) and the institution providing coaching would make enough provisions for giving the students adequate timely tests, taking up postal coaching may not be that useful and therefore is not encouraged (it is not barred).

Students already registered for Postal Coaching

Students undergoing postal coaching may feel the need for taking up oral coaching for getting the benefit of class room teaching. This can be done by enrolling as a student at the respective oral coaching center by paying the requisite coaching fee.

Trying to register for the second form of coaching with the intent of obtaining EC|CC through the second registration may result in the registration of the student being canceled.

Oral Coaching for One Module and Postal Coaching for the other

It would be possible to consider taking up oral coaching for one module and postal coaching for the other.
  • First Registered for Postal Coaching

    If a student has registered for postal coaching first, he/she would have paid the total fee for all the Modules initially since there is no installment facility.

    In such a case, a student intending to take up oral coaching for one of the modules requires him/her to bear the extra expenditure for enrolling for oral coaching.
  • First Registered for Oral Coaching

    If the oral coaching center provides for registering for each module separately, then the student might have paid the fee for only one module.

    Even in such a case, the postal registration for the module for which no coaching has been taken up requires the student to pay up the full fee for both the Modules since no specific mention is made regarding the fee for one module.


Please verify with the respective regional council if they would allow registration for one module by paying a lesser fee.

Oral Coaching » Registration Class Timings, Attendance

Oral coaching classes are conducted by the institute at its head office/regional offices/branches/chapters. In addition the institute accredit private colleges and coaching centers for imparting oral coaching. A student who intends to take up oral coaching may join any one of such center/institution.


Both the processes of getting registered for the course and for the oral coaching are done together at the same time using the same application. To register for oral coaching, one has to register at the center where the student intends to join for coaching.

Class Timings and Schedule

A student has to attend the oral coaching classes conducted at the center where he gets himself registered. Timings of the classes may vary from one center to another. Some conduct them during normal day time, some others during morning and evening sessions only. The timings are specific to each center and have to be known from the center you choose. Classes in the various subjects of the course are conducted as per the pre determined schedule which will be provided to students joining the classes.

Who can Attend?

This coaching is meant only for students registering for these courses. Only registered students are eligible to take up this coaching (except in a case where a student attends the classes out of academic interest in the subject being taught). Therefore there are no additional qualifications/conditions for taking up this coaching apart from paying the requisite fees.

Attendance Requirements

A student has to put up a sufficient minimum attendance (70% and more) to be eligible to be considered for issuing a certificate of successful completion of the course. The exact number of days of attendance required may vary from center to center.

This information can be obtained from the respective coaching centers.

When to get registered ?

The schedule for conduct of oral coaching classes varies from center to center. For specific dates one should approach the center in consideration. Therefore the timing for getting admitted to these would depend on the schedule they announce. Verify with the center about the timing of the end exam and the possibility of getting the EC|CC in time for the exam you are intending to appear at.

Postal Coaching - Registration : When? Where?

Postal coaching is conducted by the institute and is monitored by the respective regional councils of the Institute.

No other institution/organisation is authorised in this regard. All the aspects relating to the postal coaching are handled by the regional council within whose purview, the place of residence of the student comes.

How and when to take up

For those taking up the postal coaching route, both the processes of getting registered for the course and for the postal coaching are done together at the same time using the same application. They form a single process.

Only students registering for the course are eligible to take up this coaching. Therefore there are no additional qualifications/conditions (apart from those for registration) for taking up this coaching.

Registration for postal coaching can be done at any time during the year.

Where to get registered?

For those taking up the postal coaching route, registration has to be done with the regional council of the respective institution.

Application for registration (which includes registration application as well as application for coaching) is to be submitted to the regional council. The application has to be sent directly to the regional council. Care should be taken to ensure that the application is sent to the appropriate regional council.

Even if you submit the application at any of the institute branches/chapters, it would ultimately be routed to the respective regional council.

Oral/postal Coaching Course Material

Oral Coaching

The center/institution conducting the oral coaching classes chooses the type of material that they would use for imparting training in the prescribed syllabus. They may also opt to use the study material which is used for students taking up postal coaching.

If the same material used in postal coaching is not provided by the institute/coaching centers for the students undergoing oral coaching classes, it is advisable to acquire a set of it. This postal material would give a clear idea of the depth and width of the subject that the student is supposed to be thorough with.

Postal Coaching

A student registering for the postal coaching will receive a set of study notes/material for the subjects involved in the course along with a set of question papers to be answered and submitted for becoming eligible to write the main examination. The material is of a self study type covering all the aspects of the subjects.

Material in Hindi

Study material is available in ENGLISH medium only.