CS - Professional Programme : Course Structure Pattern

ICSICS (2008)PPCourse Structure • Course Structure Pattern
The CS course at the Professional Programme level consists of only theoretical examinations. There are 8 subjects arranged into 4 modules of 2 papers each of 100 marks.

Pass Marks

To pass a student has to obtain a minimum of 40% in each paper and an aggregate of 50% in all the papers of a module together, failing which the student has to reappear in all the papers of the module again.


There are certain exemptions in cases where the student has failed the examination but has obtained high marks in one or more papers. A student has to get through these to be eligible for MEMBERSHIP of the institution.


Executive Programme

Professional Programme

[8 subjects arranged into four modules of 2 papers of 100 marks each.]


Licenciate ICSI

Temporary Status till membership is acquired.
(This is not a kind of membership)

Practical Experience/Training [3 Years]

Can be acquired either before or after or during the course period.

Associate Membership

Post Qualification Courses [Optional]