CS - Professional Programme : Exemptions on Getting High Marks

ICSICS (2008)PPResults Exemptions • Exemptions on Getting High Marks
A candidate who obtains more than 60% of marks in any paper or papers and a minimum of 25% of marks in all the remaining papers of that module in which he has appeared shall be exempted from appearing in that paper in the subsequent examinations.

The candidate is required to obtain a minimum of 40% in each paper and an aggregate of 50% in the total of the remaining subjects of the module in the subsequent examinations.


An Attempt

Say a student has obtained the following marks in an examination

I - 65, II – 28; Total = 93. [Aggregate < 50% → Fail]

Since the student has got marks 93; 60% in Paper I and has also got the minimum required in other papers i.e. ≥ 25% in Papers II, he/she will be exempted from appearing in Paper I in the subsequent examinations.

In the next exam the candidate is required to appear only paper II and get a minimum of 40% and aggregate of 50% (total of 50) in paper II.