CWA ICWA Final : Subsequent Change of Place of Residence

ICWAICWA ICWA (2008)FinalCourse Registration • Subsequent Change of Place of Residence

Data relating to the student with regard to academics is maintained at the regional offices.Therefore, once a student registers himself as a student for a particular level, he/she has to stick to the same and correspond with the same for all purposes, either academic or otherwise.

Only the aspects relating to examinations are centralised i.e. processing examination applications, evaluation, verification of answer papers, issue of marks sheets, hall tickets, .. etc.

Shift to a place within the regional council

Where the student changes his/her place of living in such a way that he/she has shifted to a place which falls within the purview of the same regional council with which he/she has registered earlier, then there is nothing to worry.

Shift to a place outside the regional council

Even if a student moves from a place under a certain regional council to another place under a different regional council, he/she is needed to deal with the same regional council under which he/she has earlier registered.

Intimate the Change in address

The student needs to get his/her address changed in the records of the institute so that he/she would be receiving the student news letter and other communications from the institute properly. These students are also advised to intimate the post master of the earlier place of the change of address, so that any mail received at the earlier place would be redirected by the post master automatically.

Students moving abroad

Subsequent to his/her initial Registration with any Regional Council of the Institute, if a Student changes his/her address to outside India, he/she shall be required to enroll for Postal Tuition under the same Regional Council so that appropriate track record of the Student's progress can be maintained in the Regional Council itself. Such category of registered students shall also be required to remit additional postal charges to the extent of Rs.960/- per group or equivalent thereto for sending Study Materials and return of assessed Answer Scripts to them.

Foreign Students

The Foreign Based Students Of Indian Nation and Foreign National Students should send their applications for Admission as Registered Students of the Institute to the Eastern Indian Regional Council only.