CWA ICWA Final : Course Identification, Duration and Examination dates

ICWAICWA ICWA (2008)FinalCourse Structure • Course Identification/name, Duration and Examination dates
The course at this level is identified as

CWA/ICWA » Final

For those students who are pursuing the course through Foundation i.e. after passing Foundation level, this would be the third level course relating to the CWA/ICWA (Cost and Works Accountancy - Professional Accounting) Course.

For those students who are taking up the course after their Graduation this is the second level course.

Course Duration

The minimum course duration as per the regulations of the institution is

CWA ICWA Final » 12 months

The course duration is the minimum time that a student has to spend on taking up the course on this level. It is the period starting from the time the student gets registered to the time the student completes the course.

The actual time that a student has to spend on the course is dependent on the actual date of registration.

Examinations – When?

The main/final examinations for the course at this level are conducted twice every year generally on specified dates which do not change except under extraordinary circumstances.

June Examination

Second Week of June

[Group III - 11th to 14th; Group IV – 15th to 18th ; Time : 2 pm to 5 pm]

December Examination

Second Week of December

[Group III - 10th to 13th; Group IV – 14th to 17th ; Time : 2 pm to 5 pm]