CWA ICWA Final : Taking Oral and Postal Coaching at the Same Time

ICWAICWA ICWA (2008)FinalCoaching Oral Postal • Taking Oral and Postal Coaching at the Same Time

Taking up one of the modes of coaching is compulsory. A student who is registered for oral or postal coaching should obtain the Eligibility Certificate (EC) | Coaching Completion Certificate (CC) through that mode only.

A student will be considered as a registered student for the purpose of issue of EC|CC only in one form of coaching. He cannot register in both forms at the same time for the purpose of issuance of certificate of successful completion of coaching.

However the student registered under one form may take up the other form of coaching for the purpose of academic convenience or benefit. If taking up oral coaching in addition to postal coaching or vice versa, it is obvious that the student has to bear the cost of both the forms of coaching.

Students already registered for Oral Coaching

Students undergoing oral coaching may feel the need for taking up postal coaching for obtaining the study material or getting the benefit of answering more papers which would be evaluated.

However, since students undergoing oral coaching can also purchase the study material additionally (if they are not provided a set) and the institution providing coaching would make enough provisions for giving the students adequate timely tests, taking up postal coaching may not be that useful and therefore is not encouraged (it is not barred).

Students already registered for Postal Coaching

Students undergoing postal coaching may feel the need for taking up oral coaching for getting the benefit of class room teaching. This can be done by enrolling as a student at the respective oral coaching center by paying the requisite coaching fee.

Trying to register for the second form of coaching with the intent of obtaining EC|CC through the second registration may result in the registration of the student being canceled.