CWA ICWA Intermediate : What is Provisional Registration? Who can Register? Procedure

ICWAICWA ICWA (2008)InterProvisional Registration • What is Provisional Registration? Who can Register? Procedure

Provisional ยป

  • Meaning : Under terms not final or fully worked out or agreed upon.
  • Synonyms : Temporary, Interim, Conditional, Makeshift, Short-term, Impermanent

What is Provisional Registration?

A provisional registration is a registration that is temporary and which would be regularised on fulfilling certain conditions in the future. The registration would be canceled if the conditions required are not met within the prescribed time limit.

Provisional Registration enables you to register for the course without having to wait for the results of the qualifying examination.

Who can register Provisionally?

Students who are pursuing their final year graduation (10 + 2 + 3) are eligible for registration for the course if they are confident of getting through their final year graduation examinations.

Those who have appeared or enrolled themselves for appearing at the qualifying examination are also eligible

Those who have enrolled for the qualifying examination but have not yet appeared at the said examination i.e. those whose examinations have not yet begun are also eligible. Such candidates should have received the hall ticket for the exam, which forms a proof for having applied for the exam.

Procedure for Provisional Registration

The procedure for registering provisionally is the same as that for Regular Registration.

The application for registration is the same as the one used for regular registration. The difference being that, a candidates appends a copy of the examination hall ticket for provisional registration instead of a copy of the marks sheet of the qualifying examination.