CWA ICWA Final : Dissertation

ICWAICWA ICWA (2008)FinalCompulsory Training • Dissertation
Dissertation = Thesis, paper, study, critique, essay, exposition, tract.


The topic for dissertation would be as per the choice of the student himself but within the curriculum of the stages.

Under Whom:

Dissertations should be conducted under the guidance of a person having any of the qualifications viz., FICWA University Professor, Associate Professor, Officers in the rank of Dy. Secretary and above in respect of the State or Central Government, Officers in the rank of DGM/Vice-President in respect of Private or Public Sector organisations as applicable..

Selecting the Guide:

The student would be required to select the guide to examine his/her dissertation. However the regional councils or oral coaching centers having permission to conduct oral or postal coaching in the Final course may issue introductory letter to the students on request.

The regional council/chapters would maintain a list of such persons selected as guide for such dissertations.


A copy of the papers submitted by the student would be kept with the Regional council/chapter in the Library for future reference, and a list will be sent to the Director of studies at the Head Quarters, Kolkata.


No fee is to be charged for such type of dissertation.


While issuing certificate for dissertation, the regional council/chapter would mention the topic in the respective dissertation.