Further Academic Pursuits for Chartered Accountants

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Courses Conducted by Universities

Chartered Accountancy is recognized as equivalent to post graduate qualification in commerce by a number of universities and government bodies. Thus, bachelor degree holders who have qualified in these professional courses are eligible for registration as M. Phil and Ph. D candidates in commerce and allied disciplines.

Post Qualification Courses

The institute conducts courses for the members of the institute i.e. these courses are post qualification. Only those who have the requisite qualification to become members are eligible for getting admitted to these courses. These are courses which enable a candidate to specialise in areas related to the profession.

Conducted by ICAI

  1. Information Systems Audit — ISA
  2. Management Accountancy — MAC
  3. Corporate Management — CM
  4. Tax Management — TM
  5. Computerised Accounting and Auditing Techniques — CAAT
  6. Diploma in Insurance and Risk management — DIRM
  7. International Trade Laws and World Trade Organisation — ITL&WTO