CWA ICWA Final : What are these? When/Where to take up? Registration!!

ICWAICWA ICWA (2008)FinalCompulsory Training • What are these? When/Where to take up? Registration!!


With a view to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience and to emphasis practical orientation in the curriculum, compulsory training and attendance in certain aspects relating to modern day environment of business has been introduced.

These trainings are to be taken up at different levels. Some at the Inter_PE-II level, some at the final level and some other after completing the course.

Kinds of Trainings

Each institute has its own set of training requirements.

Only the CWA/ICWA course has a compulsory training requirement for appearing at the final examinations.

  • CWA Final :

    1. Dissertation
    2. Computer Hands on
    3. Modular Training and
    4. Audit/industrial training

Note that there are a different set of training requirements for all the three courses after the student has completed the Final level.

The training requirements given here relate to those required for appearing in the final examination only.

Are they Compulsory?

  • CWA Final :

    Yes, Compulsory

    For the purpose of obtaining the CC for appearing in the Final examination, students are required to undergo compulsory training in computers, undergo Modular Training, Audit/Industrial Training and submit a dissertation.

Where to Take up?

  • CWA/ICWA Final :

    1. Dissertation
    2. Dissertation is to be conducted under the guidance of persons specified by the institute.
    3. Computer hands on

      The training can be taken up at the notified branches or chapters of the institution where such a facility is available or from any computer training institute recognized by the institutes for this purpose.

    4. Modular Training

      They are to be attended at the regional councils or authorized oral coaching centers

    5. Audit/Industrial Training

      To be attended in an existing industrial concern under the intimation to the respective regional council or chapter as applicable.

Registration Requirements

  • CWA/ICWA Final

    The student should get himself registered with the respective institutes by paying the prescribed fee in addition to getting oneself admitted for the purpose of training.

    1. Computer Hands On

      A a student has to register with the institute in addition to taking up training.

    2. Others

      There is no registration fee as such payable to the institute. But the students are charged certain fee towards the costs of training as given under their details.