What is Cost Accountancy?

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Cost Accountancy is a term used to mean a profession as well as the course (field of study).

Cost Accountancy - a Profession

Lawyers are engaged in the legal profession, doctors in the medical profession. Similarly cost accountants are engaged in the cost accountancy profession.

Cost and Management Accounting, Cost Audit (verification of cost accounting record), are the core areas dealt with by cost accountants. They area also capable of expert level services in the areas of General Management, Personnel Management, Operations Management, Production Management.

Cost Accountancy - a course

Law is a course that candidates pursue to become lawyers. Medicine is a course that aspirants to the medical profession pursue. Similarly, prospective cost accountants pursue the cost accountancy course.

The cost Accountancy course is designed and conducted by the body that regulates the profession. The course generally consists of a mix of theoretical study and practical training.