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Welcome to the FutureAccountant’s blog

Welcome to the futureaccountant’s blog.
This is a blog which works in union with the forum wherein you can put up your opinions and discuss your ideas with others relavant to this field. You can post comments relavant to the topics that are already being discussed.

This blog will contain excerpts from the postings of the forum as well as anything that we feel needs to be given a kick start as a topic of discussion

We wish to make a users experience at FutureAccountant a wonderful and a useful one.

You are welcome to post your comments on the writings here as well for which you need to register. All comments are subject to review and would be visible to others only after the moderator completes review.

You are also welcome to post topics here. However, you would be authorised to post only comments. Therefore, if you wish to post a topic in this kindly, post it as a comment which will be reviewed and posted as a topic subsequently.

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Whats in store?

Starting from now we will discuss topics that would interest the accounting community, both students as well as professionals….

Topic coming up

Accounting the Super Power!!!

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