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Posted Variance Analysis [Material Variances] Notes

After writing down the pages the first time, we had to remake, remake and remake the pages umpteen number of times, to refine the content so that it would be of use to the students.

Here it is the content for “Variance Analysis“.
Its completely different, go through it without fail.

The problem that we identify with this topic (which is branded tough, typical,… so on) with majority of the students is that they do not seem to have understood what it is actually. What variances mean, what information they provide, (one more proof that accounting is a tool that helps us in deriving information) how to understand the information and what conclusions to draw from the results.

We strongly believe that once this understanding is in place, it would sound like nothing. Very easy…

Somehow we just cannot ask the student to mug up a set of formulae and then think he/she has got proficiency in the topic. We strongly feel that the student needs to be in a position to apply the knowledge in problem solving and not in the knowledge of solutions to some problems based on a set of problems he/she already learnt (the so called models of problems).

We dont certify our work and say we did a good job, great job… and so on..
We wish the reader to say whatever he/she feels so that we can refine our content and make it more useful.

We eagerly look forward for both “Accolades” and “Brickbats”, something like the carrots and sticks that our management teachers/lecturers tell us about.

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