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Jolts and Jinx

Dear All,

Those who might have been visiting this site after their initial visit might have noticed a stagnation in the activity for over a month. I do wish that users would understand the situation and excuse us for the same.

What we intend is a wonderful tool in the hands of the user. That is the vision for this site. We want it to provide what all a user needs in his/her pursuit to become the accountant for the future.

There are a number of utilities that we wish a web site of this sort should be providing. Putting all those in shape has taken us this time which is work we do from inside and during which time we seem to have become statues without doing any work….

We built in a menu structure for site navigation which we felt would be the most helpful tool to let the user move between the various sections of the pages.

Web Resources

We also designed a section for enabling users add links to web pages that they feel are useful under the “Web Resources” section. This we feel is an area that is to develop and grow with the contributions from users. Though we would be making efforts to build it, we wish users contribution would be far greater than what we can do.


There is a section for including useful information realting to various necessities for users like information relating to “Book Shops”, “Books”, “Coaching Centers”, “Examination Centers”, “Individual Tutors”, “Institutes Offices”. This section is open to all and any one who finds one of the above sections relevant to them may include their information free of cost in them.


We have started our efforts to build the most important area a section for conducting “Online-Classes”. We are employing a wonderful tool for this and we are confident that over a period of time we would be giving the users one of the best learning areas on the planet specifically relating to the accounting profession.

Doesn’t all these sound a lot of work….

Come on you can excuse us for not seeming to be active for the last one month….


Team FutureAccountant

at krishbhavara

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