CWA ICWA Final Stage IV : Management Accounting Decision Making - June 2009

This Paper has 32 answerable questions with 0 answered.
Revised Syllabus
Time Allowed : 3 HoursFull Marks : 100
The figures in the margin on the right side indicate full marks.
Attempt Question NO. 1 (carrying 20 marks) and any five (each carrying 16 marks)
from the rest.
Write answers to all the parts of a question together,
Open a new page for answer to a new question,
Do not attempt more than the requisite number of questions,
Tick mark the front page of the answer–book to indicate the questions attempted.
1.(a)State if each of the following statements is T(true) or F(false):1x6=6 
  (i)   (0)
  (ii)   (0)
  (iii)   (0)
  (iv)   (0)
  (v)   (0)
  (vi)   (0)
 (b)Examine if each of the following statements is true or false,–
If true, write only T as your answer;
If false, write the correct statement as your answer.
  (i)   (0)
  (ii)   (0)
  (iii)   (0)
  (iv)   (0)
  (v)   (0)
 (c)Find the correct answer from the given four to each of the problems below, with your working:3x3=9 
  (i)   (0)
  (ii)   (0)
  (iii)   (0)
2.(a)6+2 (0)
 (b)In general, budget preparation is started by the identification of a ‘limiting factor’ or the ‘Principal budget’ factor.  
  (i)2 (0)
  (ii)4 (0)
  (iii)2 (0)
3.(a)5+3+3 (0)
 (b)5 (0)
4.10+2+2+2 (0)
5.(a)4 (0)
 (b)12 (0)
6.(a)4 (0)
 (b)12 (0)
7.16 (0)
8.Write short notes on (any four): 4x4=16 
 (a)  (0)
 (b)  (0)
 (c)  (0)
 (d)  (0)
 (e)  (0)
 (f)  (0)