CWA ICWA Inter Stage II : Auditing - June 2005

This Paper has 31 answerable questions with 0 answered.
Revised Syllabus
Time Allowed : 3 HoursFull Marks : 100
The figures in the margin on the right side indicate full marks
Answer Question No. 1 which is compulsory and any five from the rest.

1.(a)5 (0)
 (b)Discuss with brief reasons, whether the following statements are true or false:  
  (i)3 (0)
  (ii)2 (0)
  (iii)2 (0)
  (iv)1 (0)
  (v)2 (0)
 (c)1x5=5 (0)
2.(a)Indicate with brief reasons, statutory variations or voilations in the following:  
  (i)2 (0)
  (ii)3 (0)
  (iii)3 (0)
 (b)Briefly furnish your views in connection with the following:  
  (i)3 (0)
  (ii)2 (0)
  (iii)3 (0)
3.Write short–notes on:   
 (a)(i)5 (0)
  (ii)6 (0)
 (b)5 (0)
4.(a)3+3+4 (0)
 (b)6 (0)
5.(a)8 (0)
 (b)8 (0)
6.How would you as an Auditor vouch/verify the following: 4x4=16 
 (a)  (0)
 (b)  (0)
 (c)  (0)
 (d)  (0)
7.(a)You are the Auditor of X Ltd. with 30th June, ‘04 as year ending. The following events occur after completion of year end audit and before finalising the audit report dated 28th September, ‘04. How would you deal with these:  
  (i)4 (0)
  (ii)4 (0)
 (b)4 (0)
 (c)4 (0)
8.(a)8 (0)
 (b)State the Directions of comptroller and Auditor General of India under section 619(3)(a) of the companies’ Act. 1956 in regard to:  
  (i)6 (0)
  (ii)2 (0)