Drawing/Selecting/Picking/Choosing Two/Three/More fruits/lamps/bulbs/objects/things from a Box/Bag/Urn

Problem 1

Three mangoes and three apples are in a box. If two fruits are chosen at random. The probability that one is mango and the other is an apple is


Problem 2

A box contains 5 white socks and 5 blue socks well mixed. A man picks 2 socks at random. What is the probability for both the socks to be of the same colour?


Problem 3

In a box containing 15 bulbs, 5 are defective. If 5 bulbs are selected from the box, at random then find the probability of the event that i) none of them is defective ii) only one of them is defective iii) At least one of them is defective.

[A → 4/9, 4:5, 5:4; B → 5/9, 5:4. 4:5]

Problem 4

A lot of 100 bulbs from manufacturing process is known to contains 10 defective and 90 non defective bulbs. If a sample of 8 bulbs is selected at random. What is the probability that a) the sample has 3 defective and 5 non defective b) the sample has at least one defective bulb?


Problem 5

Three electric lamps are fitted in a room. Three bulbs are chosen at random from 10 bulbs having 6 good bulbs . The chance that the room lighted is


Practice Problem 1

A bag contains 5 brown and 4 white socks. A man pulls out two socks. The probability that they are of the same colour is

Practice Problem 2

Three electric lamps fitted in a room. 3 bulbs are chosen at random from 20 bulb having 16 good bulbs. The probability that the room is lighted is

Practice Problem 3

In a box containing 100 bulbs, 10 are defective. What is the probability that out of a sample of 5 bulbs one is defective?