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ICSICS (2008)FP : Foundation Programme • Examinations

When are the main/final examinations conducted?

The main/final examinations for the course are conducted twice every year generally on specified dates which do not change except under extraordinary circumstances.

June Examination

First Week of June [2nd to 5th – 2 pm to 5 pm]

December Examination

Last Week of December [30th to 2nd January – 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm]

When can a student appear for his/her first examination?

A student’s eligibility to appear at an examination is dependent on two factors. One, date of registration and two obtaining the CC. A student to appear at a certain examination should have registered before the cut off date in relation to that examination and should have also obtained the CC by the time of making application for the examination. For Students registering:

  • Before March 31st

    – The First exam » Same Year Dec Exam

    [Register before 31st March 2008 » To attempt Dec 2008 Exam]

  • Before September 30th

    – The First exam » Next Year June Exam

    [Register before 30th Sep 2009 » To attempt June 2010 Exam]

Medium for writing the examinations

Examinations can be written either in ENGLISH or HINDI medium. A student has to mention the preference of medium at the time of making the application for examination.

The option to answer papers in HINDI should be exercised in total. Paper wise option is not available. The papers of a candidate who has not exercised his option to answer papers in Hindi, but answers them in Hindi, would not be valued.

In the absence of clear indication of preference at the time of making the application for examination, English will be taken as the preferred medium.

Maximum attempts allowed. Failing to get through within those

The restrictions on the number of attempts may come into operation on account of:
  1. The maximum number of attempts allowed getting exhausted.
  2. The registration getting expired.
  3. The validity period of the EC/CC getting expired

The institutes rules do not place any restrictions on the maximum number of attempts or set the expiry of CC for the foundation course.

However the registration is valid for a period of 3 years. This would amount to a maximum of 6 consecutive attempts at the foundation examination. Non — appearance at an examination would amount to an attempt

Failure to Qualify within the Maximum Attempts

If a student fails to get through within the maximum number of attempts allowed at this level, the registration gets cancelled and the student has to register again afresh to be eligible to appear at the Foundation Programme examinations.

This does not sound prudent for students taking up the foundation course after their 10 + 2 along with their graduations, since one would be completing the graduation examination by that time and can pursue the main course without needing to go through the foundation course.

Examination Application - Where to Obtain/Submit?

Where to Obtain

The examination applications are sold at the institutes head quarters, regional offices, branches, chapters etc. You can obtain the same from those places.

Examination Applications Download

The examination applications are not provided on the web sites of the respective institutions throughout the year.

Please check the respective web site [ICSI] during the time of the examinations.

Delayed Submission

The institutes provide for delayed submission of the examination application with a late fee for a certain number of days after the last date for submission of the application.

Where to Submit

Though the student activities are all administered by the Regional councils, all the aspects relating to the examinations are handled by the Head offices of the institutes.

You can submit the applications at any of the above locations where the applications are available. Even if you submit the examination applications at any of the institutes branches, chapters etc., they will be ultimately sent to the Head office of the institutes.

You can verify/note the location where the applications are destined by referring the address printed on the cover that you are given along with the application. An understanding on this would be helpful if at all you need to contact the institute regarding any problem in relation to the examination application.

Submitting Within Time

If submitting within time, the examination application can be submitted by hand at any of the offices of the institute especially the places from where the applications have been bought.

Delayed Submission with late fee

Care should be taken when you are required to send the application along with late fee. The application should be destined to the address on the cover of the examination application and not to the nearest branch or regional office of the institute.

Examination Application Cost and Fee, Last Dates, Late Fees

  • Cost of Application
    1. By hand – Rs. 20
    2. By Post – Rs. 30
  • Examination Fee
    1. Regular Fee – Rs. 875
    2. Late Fee – Rs. 100

Last Dates » Late Fee

Last Date for Submission of Examination Application

  • June Examination
    1. Without Late Fee: 25th March
    2. With Late Fee 9th April

      [A delay of 15 days is allowed after the last date]

  • December Examination
    1. Without Late Fee: 25th September
    2. With Late Fee 10th October

      [A delay of 15 days is allowed after the last date]

Change of Examination Center!

Under convincing and extraordinary circumstances application for change of examination center may be accepted by the institute on a payment of a fee of Rs. 100/- along with an application for the same which should be received in the Institute within (prior to) 15 days from the date of commencement of examination.

Care should be taken to send the application to the place where the original application has been sent.

Refund/Appropriation of the Examination fee

The examination fee would not be refunded under any circumstance.

Institute's lapse/fault

Where the reason for the examination fee having to be refunded is the student getting through the examination after verification of marks etc., the institutes are obliged to appropriate the fee already paid by the student to the subsequent examinations or to other dues payable by the student.

The respective offices of the institutes may be contacted for details regarding the same

Where a candidate applied to the council within 15 days from the last date of examination for considering appropriation of examination fee to the next examination on the ground that he was prevented from attending the examination on account of circumstances beyond his control and furnishes requisite documentary proof and information to the satisfaction of the council, the council may permit 50% of the examination fee paid by him to be appropriated towards the fee payable for the next following examination for the same group(s) for which he/she was enrolled.

Travel Concessions - At the time of Examinations or otherwise

During Examination Times

These concessions can be availed only during the examination times [for journey during the time of and for the purpose of examinations]. The ICSI provides for Rail and Air concessions to students traveling for the purpose of examination.

Rail Concession

Students who have to attend an outstation location for writing the examination are eligible for the same. Local rail travel concession is not allowed.

  • Provided To:

    Students below 25 years of age and who are not in full time employment

  • For the Journey:

    From the place of residence or duty (part time) to the nearest examination center and vice versa

  • Application [How to Avail]:

    The application for concession is to be made to the institute at least 30 days before the commencement of an examination for obtaining rail concession certificate.

All Times

These concessions that can be availed at all times

Air Travel Concession

The Indian air lines provide concession in air fare for domestic travel, to the students of the institute.

  • Provided To:

    Students below 26 years of age and who are not in employment.

  • The students who are not in receipt of a stipend of more than Rs.150 per month are eligible for this concession.
  • This concession is not specifically related to travel during examination time and can be availed at any time during the pursuance of the course