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ICWAICWA ICWA (2008)Final • Results Exemptions

When Declared? What Information is Available? How to Get it?

The main examinations are conducted twice every year generally on specified dates which do not change except under extraordinary circumstances. The results of these examinations are generally scheduled to be declared as follows:

The results are expected to be declared within 60 to 75 days (2 to 2 ½ months) from the examination date.

Tentatively they may be declared between

  • Results of June Examination: — Between 2nd and 3rd week of August
  • Results of December Examination: — Between 2nd and 3rd week of February

Information Available – How to get it?

The results would be hosted on the Institute’s [CWA/ICWA] web sites and would also be displayed at the offices of the institute, its branches, chapters, and also the offices relevant to the examination center where you have appeared for the examination.

Main/Final Examination : Qualifying Marks - Pass Marks in each part/section Separately

A student is required to get a minimum of 40 marks in each paper (not subject) and an aggregate of 50% in all the papers of a group together to qualify in the examination.

Passing the Final Level

A candidate is considered to have passed the the Final level of these courses if he passes both the groups constituting this level. He/she may get through the groups in one or more attempts either together or separately.

Passing only one Group

A student is said to have passed one of the groups if he secures "a minimum of 40 marks in each paper and an aggregate of 50% in all the papers of that group"

Passing both Groups

There is no provision for clubbing the marks of both the groups together for assessing the result of the examination, even if the student has written all the papers of both the groups at the same time. Each group will be treated as a separate entity for the purpose of declaring the student as having passed the examination.

One Group

A40404040160FailPassed in all. Aggregate < 50%
B54404342179FailPassed in all. Aggregate < 50%
C65355680236FailPassed in all. Aggregate < 50%
D40404080206PassPassed in all. Aggregate ≥ 50%
E45566055216PassPassed in all. Aggregate ≥ 50%

Papers with two or more subjects involved

Where a paper contains two or more parts (each part may be a separate subject or otherwise) with the total marks of 100 divided between the parts a candidate is required to get the minimum marks in all the parts together.

There is no need for the student to maintain a minimum pass mark in each part separately.


Group III - Paper 11: Capital Market Analysis & Corporate Laws [100 marks]

  • Section I : Capital Market Analysis (60 Marks)
  • Section II : Corporate Laws & Governance (40 Marks)

The student is required to get the minimum of 40 marks in the two sections together. There is no minimum for each section .

Marks Sheet and Pass Certificates

Marks Sheet

All the students irrespective of their result, (whether they pass or fail the examination) will receive a marks list indicating the marks obtained in each subject/paper.

Pass Certificate

All the candidates passing in both the groups of this level would also receive in addition to the marks memo, a pass certificate as a proof of passing the level. This will be sent by post to the address mentioned in the application for examination.

Membership Certificate

Membership certificate which indicates that the candidate is a member of the institution is different from the above pass certificate. To get this certificate the candidate should satisfy some other additional conditions and undergo practical training as needed.

Verification of Answer Papers

Information as to whether a candidates answers to each question in any particular subject or subjects at any examination have been examined and marked or not may be supplied to a candidate.

Time Limit for making application

A candidate may apply to the institute within a period of 30 days from the declaration of the results of the examination.

Verification Fee

The fee for verification is Rs.100 per paper.


Application should be made in the prescribed form and should be sent along with the requisite fee.

Where to obtain the Application:

Where to send the Application:


Revaluation of answers is not permissible and the fee is only for verifying whether all the answers of the examinee have been valued or not and whether the counting of total marks is correct or not.

Marks Sheet Lost , Getting a Duplicate

There is a provision for obtaining a duplicate marks sheet.

Time Limit for getting a duplicate marks sheet

A duplicate marks sheet/pass certificate can be obtained from the institute within a period of 5 years from date of declaration of the concerned examination results. After 5 years, the student can get his duplicate marks sheet in transcript form only.


The fee for obtaining a duplicate marks sheet/pass certificate is Rs. 50 for each such certificate. After 5 years Rs. 200

Mode of Payment

Payment should be made through a DD in favour of “The ICWA of India” payable at Kolkata


Application should be made in a plain paper mentioning applicant's Date of Birth, Regn.No., Roll No., Term/Year of examination and address

Where to send the Application

The application along with the fees paid should be send to “Director (Examinations),The ICWA of India, 12 Sudder Street, Kolkata 700016”.

Re-Exam on Failure

The normal procedure to be adopted in case of failure by a student is to reappear in all the papers of a that group in which he/she has not qualified.

However a student may be exempt from appearing in one or more papers of a group in the subsequent examinations, on account of having scored high marks (more than 60%) in the examination in which he/she was declared failed.

One should note that a student may also be exempt from appearing in one or more papers of a group on account of having specified academic qualifications.

Exemptions on Getting High Marks

A candidate who obtains more than 60% of marks in any paper or papers and a minimum of 25% of marks in all the remaining papers of that group in which he has appeared shall be exempted from appearing in that paper in the subsequent examinations.

The candidate is required to obtain a minimum of 40% in each paper and an aggregate of 50% in the total of the remaining subjects of the group in the subsequent examinations.


An Attempt

Say a student has obtained the following marks in an examination

I - 65, II - 35, III - 30; IV – 40 ; Total = 170. [Aggregate < 50% → Fail]

Since the student has got marks 60% in Paper I and has also got the minimum required in other papers i.e. ≥ 25% in Papers II and III, he/she will be exempted from appearing in Paper I in the subsequent examinations.

In the next exam the candidate is required to appear only in papers II, III and IV and get a minimum of 40% and aggregate of 50% (total of 150) in the papers II,III and IV together.

Next Attempt

Say the student has obtained the following marks in the subsequent exam

  1. Case 1

    The student may obtain marks required to pass the examination.

    II - 54, III – 58; IV – 45 Total = 157. [Aggregate ≥ 50% → Pass]

  2. Case 2

    The student may fail the examination but still obtain an exemption in one more papers additionally.

    II - 30, III – 65; IV - 42 Total = 137. [Aggregate < 50% → Fail]

    The student fails the examination. Here there is a scope for exemption in Paper III since the student obtained ≥ 60% and has got a minimum of 25% in the other papers.

    In the next exam the student is required to appear only Papers II and IV and get a minimum of 50%.

  3. Case 3

    The student may fail the examination and not get any new exemptions.

    II - 20, III – 65, IV – 15 Total = 100. [Aggregate < 50% and Failed in Paper II and IV → Fail]

Special Case » Failing after Getting an Aggregate ≥ 60%

Where a student who has appeared in all the papers of a group has failed in one paper but obtained a minimum of 60% of the total marks of the remaining subjects (not in each subject) shall be declared to have passed in that group if he secured 50% marks in that paper in which he failed in any subsequent examination.

An attempt

I - 55, II - 35, III - 72 Total = 162. [Aggregate > 50% → Fail]

Has got 60% in I and III together (i.e. the other subjects).

In the subsequent exams the student needs to appear only in paper II and get a minimum of 50% in it to pass in the group.

Claiming and Foregoing Exemptions

Exemptions on account of Possessing other Qualifications

The student has to make specific mention of the same at the time of registration and claim exemption.

The requisite fee for the same should also be paid in addition to the regular registration fee.

A candidate who is eligible for exemption by the virtue of possessing the relevant qualifications should pay an exemption fee of Rs. 200 per paper in which exemption is being claimed and make an application on or before the last date for submission of enrolment application for the particular examination.

Attested copy of the relevant qualification should also be attached with the application for claiming exemption.

The examination fee for a group should however be paid in full. There is no reduction in the examination fee for the papers in which the student has been exempted.

Exemptions on Getting High Marks

To claim exemption on account of scoring high marks, a student has to mention the same in the application for examination at the time of making the application for the subsequent exams.

Since there is no reduction in fee for exempted subjects either on account of having other qualifications or on account of having scored high marks in prior examinations, care should be taken to ensure that the relevant columns are properly filled in the examination application.

Foregoing Exemptions

A student if he so desires can forego the exemption he has in a subject by mentioning the same in the application for examination, i.e. by ignoring the column where the details relevant to claiming exemptions are to be filled.

The benefit once foregone cannot be availed in the subsequent attempts.

Paper Wise Exemption based on other qualifications held

Exemption From Final!!!

No one is exempt from studying all the papers at this level i.e. there is no qualification which would enable a student from bypassing the intermediate level and going to the final level directly.

Exemption From some Papers

Only a pass in the final examination of ICSI, has the following subjects exemption. No exemption is available for any other qualification under Revised Syllabus 2008.

Paper 12: Financial Management & International Finance

Paper 14: Indirect & Direct – Tax Management